The Uruguayan government has entered into a commitment to invest in the reconstruction of two buildings, with a capacity of eighty patients. These homes will be dedicated to the people that have the capacity to re-integrate with society.

In the same line, a group of professionals will be starting to work on two different kinds of programs; a rehabilitation program and a program to generate the basic conditions for the people to have a dignified life, a “quality program”. These two programs will be supported by Fundacion Forgotten with the aid of private individuals, institutions, and companies.

The Rehabilitation Program:

The final goal of the rehabilitation program is to create services to allow people with mental disabilities, and with the ability to function in society, to integrate with the community. The program will be divided into different areas:
• An education centre
• A library
• Working groups of art; painting, sculpture, literature.
• Physical working groups, setting up different kinds of physical activities.
• Cooking classes

A group of professional social workers will be trained to coordinate and guide the patients.

The Quality program:

The purpose of the quality program is to improve the living standards of the people living in the Colonias through:
• renovating the building, especially the bathrooms
• setting up independent simple kitchen units
• proper heating system
• independent places to do their own laundry
• radios and television sets
• personal clothing
• proper bedding, sheets, mattresses and pillows.

To bring out the best of each patient the institutions should be re-grouped. The permanent residents will be relocated and housed into groups of people with the same “characteristics”, an elderly home, a home for people with severe physical handicaps, and a home for younger mentally ill patients.

Another part of the program is to set up and participate in regular outings and visit different places. A basic permanent transportation structure needs to be set up, so the trips can be organized on a regular basis.